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Week 2 Predictions

Tennessee Titans (1-0) Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)

Marvin Lewis Quit Watch:  week 1

The Titans are the AFC sleepers this season and will roll over terrible Bengals

Titans 34, Bengals 13

Green Bay Packers (1-0) vs. Detroit Lions (0-1)

The Packers are on cloud nine after Monday night's win over the hated Vikings. Detroit comes off Michael Turner's thrashing in the week 1 loss vs the Falcons. Smells like a trap game, but its the Lions,

Packers 24, Lions 17

Oakland Raiders (0-1)  vs Kansas City Chiefs (0-1)

Reports say the Raiders will fire (show mercy) head coach Lane Kiffin with a loss to the rival Chiefs. I don't believe it, Al Davis will fire Lane Kiffin after the Raiders win.

Raiders 24, Chiefs 21

New York Giants (1-0) vs St Louis Rams (0-1)

On paper this game looks like a blowout, but that's why the play the game. Gaints will win, but it will be a shootout.

Giants 34, Rams 28

Indianapolis Colts (0-1) vs Minnesota Vikings (0-1)

The Colts and Vikings were both Super Bowl favorites coming at the start of  week 1. At the start of week 2, both teams need a win to keep pace in their divisions. Look for a lot of Adrian Peterson and look for a Colts loss.

Vikings 24, Colts 10

New Orleans Saints ((1-0) vs. Washington Redskins (0-1)

Another mismatch on paper has the Saints visiting the Redskins. The Redskins will play hard, but still struggle to score.

Saints 14, Redskins 9

Chicago Bears (1-0) vs. Carolina Panthers (1-0)

The big surprises from week 1 were the Bears and Panthers pulling off road upsets.  One team will wake up from surprise lands and that will be the Panthers.

Bears 16, Panthers 13

Buffalo Bills (1-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)

They say revenge is a dish served cold. Marcus Stroud doesn't care how its served, he just wants to serve it to the Jaguars all day long. Bills continue their surge to up the AFC ladder.

Bills 20, Jaguars 17

San Francisco 49ers (0-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (0-1)

Both teams looked terrible in week 1 defeats. Seattle has a lot of injuries to overcome and Frank Gore is ready to rip their defense to shreds.

49ers 17, Seahawks 16

Atlanta Falcons (1-0) vs. Tampa Buccaneers (0-1)

The Falcons surprise a lot of people with their win in week 1. No surprise, Jeff Garcia is hurt again. Tampa Bay's defense welcomes Matt Ryan to the NFL the right way.

Bucs 21, Falcons 3

New England Patriots (1-0) vs. New York Jets (1-0)

The game of the day has to be the Jets vs Pats. A lot of people think with Favre as qb and with Brady gone for the season, its the Jets time, I done. The mastermind does it again.

Patriots 27, Jets 10

Miami Dolphins (0-1) vs. Arizona Cardinals (1-0)

Under the radar the Arizona Cardinals won their opening game of the season. The Cards of old would stumble and lose a game like this, but not today.

Cards 31, Dolphins 13

San Diego Chargers (0-1) vs. Denver Broncos (1-0)

Denver looked like a Super Bowl contender versus the Raiders Monday, but its the Raiders. Chargers will show how deep they are. LT will go for 150 and 2 tds.

Chargers 27, Broncos 21

Sunday Night Game

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) vs. Cleveland Browns (0-1)

The Browns didn't look ready for Prime time in week 1 versus the Cowboys. In week 2 in  prime time, the Browns will look like a team ready for prime time.

Browns 24, Steelers 20

Monday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

The clash of the titans Monday night, as the Eagles face off with the Cowboys. With the weapons both teams possess, on paper this looks like a shootout game. The defenses will be the star of the game. Demarcus Ware will be the star of game,

Cowboys 14, Eagles 10

Bye: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans

Hopefully, the people of the Gulf Coast region are alright.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

NFL Predictions that will make me look like in an idiot in February

NFC East
1) Washington Redskins 11-5 (2007 Theme: David Banner - KO) Sean
Taylor leads a pressuring defense that can KO any QB. New additions
Laron Landry and London Fletcher make the defense even stronger. Jason
Campbell will be stable at qb with Ledell Betts easing Clinton Portis out the

2)Philadelphia Eagles 10-6* (2007 Theme: Mystikal - Bouncin Back)
Donovan McNabb and Takeo Spikes bounce back from another injury
plagued seasons and put Philly into the title hunt once again.

3) Dallas Cowboys 8-8 (2007 Theme: MC Lyte - Paper Thin) On paper the
Cowboys seem like a title contender with a new defensive guru coaching a
team with tons of offensive power. Then, reality sets in. The combination of
injuries to key and defensive talent not living up to potential, will kill any
February Glendale dreams.

4) New York Giants 6-10 (2007 Theme Song: Kelly Clarkson- Since You've
Been Gone) With Tiki retired and Strahan almost there, Eli Manning
finally finds his comfort zone. Only problem is his defense doesn't find theirs

NFC Central
1) Minnesota Vikings 10-6 (2007 Theme: Timbaland & Elton John - Two
Man Show) The Vikings will embody what the NFC Central use to be.
With the "Two Man Show" of Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson, along
with a tough offensive line, will bring back the days of 3 yards and a cloud
of dust (or turf in the Vikings case)

2) Chicago Bears 9-7* (2007 Theme: Common - The Game) The game for
Bears is simple make a few offensive mistakes and score enough for the
defense to win the game. The loss of the explosive Thomas Jones brings
Chicago down a few notches

3) Green Bay Packers 8-8 (2007 Theme: John Legend - Another Again)
Once again people believe Brett Farve can led Green Bay back to glory. The
difference between this year and other year is Green Bay actually plays
defense. Lack of a running game will hurt Green Bay's hopes.

4) Detroit Lions 6-10 (2007 Theme: The Doobie Brothers - What Fool
Believes) What? You really thought Matt Millen could turn a run of futility
into a success with one great draft pick?

NFC South
1) New Orleans Saints 10-6 (2007 Theme: Notorious B.I.G. - Sky's The Limit) The Saints went
from basement dwellers to NFL darlings last year. With that tag comes bigger expectations and
getting your opponents best punch each week. Will the loss of Joe Horn and the defensive additions get New Orleans to the Super Bowl, only time will tell.

2) Carolina Panthers 8-8 (2007 Theme: Tyrone Davis - Turn Back the
Hands of Time) The Panthers will try to turn back the hands of time to the
days when people actually thought Jake Delhomme one of the 5 best QBs in
the league. Defense plays strong, but the struggling offense will derail the
Panthers' season.

3) Atlanta Falcons 7-9 (2007 Theme: 2-Pac - Me Aganist the World) The
moment Michael Vick put in his guilty plea, people closed the book on the
Atlanta Falcons 07 season. The team will overachieve with Bobby Petrino
at the helm and make 07 a decent season.

4) Tampa Bay Bucs

4-12 (2007 Theme: Jack Johnson - Gone, Gone, Gone)
Well Chucky, its time to pack up and leave, but thanks for the ring!

NFC West
1) Arizona Cardinals 9-7 (2007 Theme: The Game - Dreams) The Cardinals
would love nothing more than to be playing in Super Bowl XLII on their
home field. Lets be honest, that wont happen, but a return to the playoffs for
the first time since 1998 wouldn't be a bad consolation prize

2) St Louis Rams 9-7 (2007 Theme: Method Man/Redman - How High) With the monster Stephen Jackson in the backfield, Tory Holt, Issac Bruce, and Drew Bennett at wideout, Randy McMichael at tight end and Marc Bulger at QB, the Rams offensive hasn't looked better in a long time. The defensive will keep the Rams from getting off the ground.

3) Seattle Seahawks 7-9 (2007 Theme: Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster)
Fans of the Seahawks will be treated a season of tremendous highs and
lows. The Seahawks will be the best the league has to offer and will lose to
the leagues worst.

4) San Francisco 49ers

6-10 (2007 Theme Ghostface - Run) The 49ers season will live and die with the legs of Frank Gore. Alex Smith will continue to improve and the defense will be strong again.

AFC East
1) New England Patriots 10-6 (2007 Theme: Jay-Z - 30 Something) The Patriots are still among the NFL's elite, but injuries and old legs will slow the Pats down a little.

2) New York Jets 8-8 (2007 Theme: The Roots - The Next Movement) The Jets youth movement will continue with Kellen Clemens taking the QB job by seasons end.

3) Buffalo Bills 8-8 (2007 Theme: Beyonce - Green Light) A team filled with talent and good coaching, the only thing that can slow this team down is themselves.

4) Miami Dolphins 4-12 (2007 Theme: Fergie - London Bridge) The theme fits the team because both are equally terrible.

AFC Central
1) Cincinnati Bengals
11-5 (2007 Theme: Eric B & Rakim - Dont Sweat
the Technique) The Bengals dont win the conventional way, but they aren't
a conventional team they live and die with their offense. The defense isn't great or good, but they have the ability to cause turnovers. Heving a team
that can cause turnovers will puts them in position to be a contender year after you

2) Baltimore Ravens 9-7 (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue) Injuries have finally taken their toll on Steve McNair and his slow decline has begun. The defense will carry the load once again, but Willis McGahee will make the load a little lighter on the defense.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 (2007 Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm) As the other team like New England, Baltimore. Indy, and San Diego get the hype, the Pittsburgh Steelers sit back quietly and are ready to show the league that the Super Bowl XL victory was no joke.

4) Cleveland Browns 4-12 (2007 Theme: Green Day - Wake Me Up When
September Ends) Well Cavs training camp is right around the corner and
the Indians will be in the playoffs. Life isn't so bad in Cleveland (Unless
you're just a Browns fan)

AFC South
1) Jacksonville Jaguars
12-4 (2007 Theme: M.O.P. - Ante Up) Now that the
Jags have finally pull the trigger and made David Garrard the starting QB,
its time for the Jags to punish every team on their schedule. A balanced
offense combined wirh the always strong D finally will get Jacksonville over
the Indy hump.

2) Indianapolis Colts 11-5* (2007 Theme: Kanye West- Cant Tell Me
Nothing) After the Colts Super Bowl win can any one question Peyton
Manning or Tony Dungy again? The Colts will be their usual selves: a great offense with shaky defense.

3) Tennessee Titans 6-10 (2007 Theme: Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City
Limits) While Ike (Pacman Jones) spends the season at home, Tina (Vince
Young) continues to bring the funk to the field. The Titans take a step back
this season after losing two of their top 3 players (Pacman and Travis

Henry) from 2006.
4) Houston Texans 5-11 (2007 Theme: Outkast - Elevators) Now that the Texans have their Franchise QB (again), the Texans can strive for thier first .500 or better season. The team is talented, but young. Expect tons of mistakes, with flashes brilliance.

AFC West
1) San Diego Chargers 11-5 (2007 Theme: Public Enemy - Cant Trust It)
No matter how mcuh talent the Chargers have, can you trust Norv Turner to make them any better? Of course not.

2) Denver Broncos 10-6* (2007 Theme: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They
Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) As the team mourns the loss of two
teammates, Denver for the first time since the retirement of #7, have a feared
passing attack. A improved D and Travis Henry in the backfield put the
Broncos back into the Super Bowl hunt.

3) Oakland Raiders 6-10 (2007 Theme: Aretha Franklin - Respect) The Raiders begin on their road back to a respectable reputation with Lane Kiffin as their coach. The Raiders will improve, but fans everywhere will miss the Art Shell with the Bed and Breakfast owner/Offensive Coordinator era.

4) Kansas City Chiefs

5-11 (2007 Theme 50 Cent - I Got Money) Larry
Johnson got his money, but it wont help the team's holes at QB, offensive
line and on defense. Ignore the tempature change under Herm Edwards
seat, for now.

League MVP: Carson Palmer QB: (Bengals 3800 passing yds 34tds 11ints

98.8 qb rtg
Offensive Player of the Year: Stephen Jackson RB (Rams): 2450 total y
Defensive Olayer of the Tear: Julius Peppers 57tkls 19sacks

Rookie of the Year: Marshawn Lynch RB, (Bills) 1250 rushing yards, 55catches 13tds

Wild Card Round
AFC Broncos (6) beat Chargers (3) Pats (4) beat Colts (5)
NFC Vikings (3) beat Bears (6) Eagles (5) beat Cardinals (4)

Divisional Round
AFC Broncos (6) beat Jaguars (1) Bengals (2) beat Patriots (3)
NFC Redskins (1) beat Eagles (6) Vikings (3) beat Saints (2)

Championship Round

AFC Bengals (2) beat Broncos (6)
NFC Redskins (1) beat Vikings (3)

Super Bowl XLII

Bengals beat Redskins 27-16

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